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Still Nil Nil is a passion project by a frustrated creative that loves football and wanted something to do in his spare time beyond watching Sky Sports and playing Sunday League football.

We've worked hard to create a number of childrens picture books and jigsaw puzzles that give sports fans the 
opportunity to pass on your passion, by retelling football's greatest stories to a new generation. 

Thankfully a complete lack of artistic ability has been sidestepped by collaboration with a large number of passionate artists and illustrators that have created a wonderful community online. All artist details can be found on the individual products.

Our products tell unforgettable tales of our favourite sports, from a time before TikTok transfer announcements, YouTube highlights reels and (a handful of versions of) FIFA. It's been a tough grind getting to the point that you can now buy our products online from Waterstones, Amazon and many more retailers.

We hope you love them. Don't forget to follow us on Instagram!

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